Management Systems, Programs and Processes

A major contributing factor to our success is our Integrated Management Approach to quality and productivity and our supporting, proprietary suite of Web-based systems, processes and programs.

Our automated, management systems are driven by industry standards including ISO, ITIL, PMBoK and CMMI best practices and processes. Together they constitute a uniquely, integrated management approach to quality that demonstrates best business practices and underscores our commitment to Trust, Quality, Service and Value.

These field-proven systems, programs and processes used with Microsoft Project and the Deltek accounting system are recognized throughout the industry as head and shoulders above any other.

Our management systems, programs and processes include:


Continuous Performance Improvement Program (CPIP)

Stated simply, CENTECH’s Continuous Performance Improvement Program (CPIP) is a disciplined, automated management process to ensure customer satisfaction. On a deeper level, it proactively supports our critically required management success factors and is the way we:

  • manage the work through effective management processes for: task order planning and implementation; systems engineering; the use of integrated product teams, configuration management, risk management and quality assurance
  • manage the workforce through a team member (employee) performance evaluation process and our Productivity & Quality Assurance Team Member Motivation Program (PQATMMP) that adds real value to the customer
  • manage customer relations with customer interfaces and our Customer Satisfaction Assurance Process (CSAP)
  • manage our subcontractors through the administration and control of subcontracting agreements, our subcontractor management plans and associate contract agreements that may be required

The CPIP principle that is embedded into every aspect of how we do business demonstrates a clear and measurable improvement in our processes, products and services aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and employee morale to better meet our clients’ mission requirements in each successive year throughout the life of the contract. This is accomplished by integrating a systematic method of ever-higher performance, targeted at the program level, with necessary task performance measures tied to specific expectations of every employee and focusing attention through robust metrics that we are consistently improving our own performance efficiency and productivity.


Project Information Management System (PIMS)

Project Information Management System (PIMS) is our proprietary, automated, Web-based management system that supports CENTECH’s 100% performance satisfaction guarantee. Built on a Microsoft next-generation platform that integrates SharePoint Technologies & Services and Office capabilities, our field-proven and secure project information repository operates within programs our clients are already using and familiar with while adding no additional costs for use. It provides continuous, real time, 24/7 access to the project database that contains all critical program and task information including risk management, deliverables, working documentation, schedules, actions and status, quality plans and reports, and controlled documentation. PIMS provides a system that is:

  • easy to use and accessible
  • gives our clients access to the latest information at a moments notice
  • reduces program risks
  • guarantees that our clients will be an integrated part of the contractor process is a critical part of maintaining a productive team environment among all client stakeholders, the project/program manager, CENTECH corporate management, and individual team members as it provides instant access and an open and interactive forum to track and discuss critical issues, identify and evaluate risk factors and maintain updated focus on goal accomplishments



InSight is the program, project and task order monitoring and evaluation element of our suite of proprietary, automated, Web-based management systems that support CENTECH’s 100% performance satisfaction guarantee. InSight is field-proven and ensures the health of programs and task orders by monitoring consistency in the management and implementation of all the best business practices and verifying quality assurance policies and procedures. Through an easy-to-use, color-coded summary format, InSight provides a comprehensive, monthly performance assessment against defined quality objectives and performance metrics in nine categories and across 51 management functional elements. Use of InSight enforces high levels of assurance standards and quality by:

  • consistently monitoring performance
  • proactively identifying potential program/project/task performance problems before they become a crisis
  • keeping the focus on communication with the adjunctive Self-Assessment Customer Feedback Report and supporting a comprehensive partnership with visibility and feedback on project performance schedule, labor and other direct cost data, cost/schedule variances and cost to complete estimates
  • improving processes, quality and program performance by providing a monthly reporting sequence to initiate performance and quality improvement discussions relevant to each project and task.


Customer Satisfaction Assurance Process (CSAP)

CSAP is an ISO standards driven element of our quality management system that captures, documents and reports on all matters relating to customer satisfaction and performance metrics that ultimately result in 100% customer satisfaction. Scheduled periodic reviews with our clients to review performance, cost control, risk management and quality control efforts result in a collaborative assessment of performance and ensures customer feedback as a key element to program efforts. Resulting collaborative assessment and customer feedback reports help our program/project managers define, implement, approve and monitor any corrective action plans and lead the program/project managers innovative improvement initiatives that provide the most value and benefit to our customers.


Productivity & Quality Assurance Team Member (Employee) Motivation Program

CENTECH’s Productivity and Quality Assurance Team Member (Employee) Motivation Program ensures client satisfaction through recognition of innovation, leadership, productivity and professional development. We provide team members with 17 incentivized non-competitive awards that result in delivering real and discernible added value for the client while promoting individual career growth and achievement. As an element of our Continuous Performance Improvement Program, all team members participate and while working in partnership with our clients, we identify objectives needed to increase productivity and efficiency and better meet mission requirements. Working toward these goals and with no additional direct cost to the program, we are able to directly contribute to employee retention and a positive work environment that stimulates and increases innovation, leadership, continuous performance improvement, creativity, professional development, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


PRIDEProfessional Review, Individual Development & Evaluation System (PRIDE)

PRIDE is the individual performance monitoring and evaluation element of our suite of Web-based systems. This system support CENTECH’s corporate commitment to continuous performance improvement by tying our professional staff assignments, goals, development, achievements, and commendations/ awards to their role on a project. As a part of our Human Factors Management Programs, PRIDE works with our corporate quality management system in aligning our professional staff objectives, goals, and professional development to support the mission objectives of our clients. PRIDE focuses management attention on the contributions of individual staff members and establishes a course of professional development that is continually beneficial to the team member and our clients’ projects. Even more specifically, it ties team member achievement to our clients’ objectives. The implementation of PRIDE ensures that client goals and objectives are not simply defined, but continuously reinforced to our team members to ensure successful project implementation and sustainment.



Team Member Service Support Center (TMSSC)

A proprietary, automated, 24x7, Web-based resource management, quality control, problem solving & risk management virtual help desk that allows CENTECH staff to focus on project requirements by assuring proper support from CENTECH corporate staff. This system provides increased accountability and responsiveness to employee requests by automatically escalating the priority of requests based on response time, alerting department managers of aged requests and ensuring that all requests are resolved in a timely manner.



iCIMS Human Resource Management System

We use an automated resource management, recruiting and resource tracking system contains the inventory of all program/project employees’ resumes, company position descriptions and job classifications. It is the repository used by CENTECH’s management to rapidly identify and process qualified individuals with needed skills to meet task order requirements. It also enables managers to perform timely inquiries, minimizing recruiting time and meeting surge requirements.

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